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"Optimum Tools & Supplies for Quick & Efficient ICF Installs"

Once you have committed to build with ICF and you have your materials on site or on order, you need to start considering your plan of action on site.  The best ICF system can be turned around into one of the worst installations simply by trying to build the walls without the right tools.

This list of tools and equipment is includes everything from the basic tools to the optimum setup to handle virtually any ICF install project.  The tools and equipment are broken down into several categories.  Many of the tools needed for installing ICF’s are not specific to ICF but some items such as a wall alignment scaffold system are somewhat proprietary to ICF.  The category delineation has some overlap so your interpretation is invited.  Supplies for specific applications such as anchor tunnels etc. are not considered part of the supply list.


          Truck, Ύ ton or greater for tool storage and pulling

          Trailer, 18’ heavy duty for wall alignment system

          Tie down straps



          basic carpenter’s tools


          100’ steel tape

          Layout laser (we like the PLS-5 by Pacific Laser Systems)

          Laser level

          Plumb bob (sometimes easier than a laser)

          Chalk boxes, (Red for permanence, Blue for sensitive areas)


          Manual rebar cutter/bender

          Elect. Or Hyd. Rebar cutter/bender system

          14” Gas cut-off saw

          Gas can for saw

          Yankee twisters for rebar ties (1 per crew member)

          Hickey bender

          4” Electric grinder(Bosch)

          14” Electric cut-off saw(Bosch)

          Bolt cutters

          Stirrup bender


          Air compressor

          Nail gun

          Air hose

          Blower attachment for air hose

          Corded ½” drill (Bosch)

          Cordless drill driver (3 for a crew)(Bosch)

          Corded hammerdrills (2 for a crew)(Bosch)

          Cordless hammerdrills (2 for a crew)(Bosch)

          Condrive system (2-3 sets for a crew)

          Levels, 2’,4’,6’,8’  (Stabila)

          Nail pullers, small & large


          Stake puller

          Corded Circular saw

          Cordless Circular saw

          Corded sawzall

          Cordless sawzall


          Handsaws, short finer tooth, (5 for a crew)

          Electric chainsaw

          Keyhole saw (3 for a crew)

          Windlock Rasp



          100 steel stakes

          Stake puller

          Demolition Drill/Hammer

          Corded vibrator, 1” head

          Cordless vibrator (2 for crew)

          Pump tip hose


          Laser Screed trowel


          Push broom (2 for a crew)

          Regular broom

          Short handle flat tip shovel

          Garden hose, 250’

          Garden hose nozzle

          3’ Squeegee


          100 sets of wall alignment scaffold system, 8’-12’ capability

          Prescriptive Methods for ICF Book



          Compound miter saw

          Spiracut tool

          Portable table saw

          Socket set

          Wrench set

          Vise grips

          Channel locks

          Adjustable wrench

          Small pipe wrench

          5# Hammers (2)


          Ladders 2ea.  4’,6’,8’,10’,

          Extension ladder, up to 28’

          Water cooler 10 gal.

          Ice chest

          First aid kit

          Extension cords, 500’

          Power dist. Block



          Tin snips

          PVC Pipe cutter

          Large speed square

          Layout square

          Framing square

          .22 caliber nail driver w/ shot & pins

          Wood chisels

Spare Turnbuckles

          Concrete chisels

          Repair tools/toolbox



          Hand cleaner

          Drinking cups

          Foam adhesive

          Foam adhesive guns (1 per crew member)

          Foam adhesive cleaner

          Gloves, concrete

          Gloves, work

          Spray paint (3 or 4 colors)

          Magic Markers (3 or 4 colors)


          Chalk for chalk lines (two colors)





          Oil mix for saw


          Tapcon screws, 1-3/4”

          2-1/2” course screws

          1-5/8” course screws

          4” course screws

          Bit boss (1 per drill)

          Bit tips for drill drivers

          Hex bits for drill drivers

          Drill bits for drill drivers

          Spade bits for drills

          Hammer drill bits (all sizes)

          Core bits, 4”, 6”

          Saw blades for each saw

          Saw blades for cut-off saws

          Sawzall blades

          Utility knife blades

          Nailgun nails

          Nailgun oil

          Duplex nails, 16d

          Sinker nails, 12d

          Reinforcing twist ties


          Grinder discs

          Cut nails

          Concrete nails

          Self tapping screws for metal or plastic

          Rebar chairs


          Fiber tape

          Packaging tape

          Duct tape

          Tie wire

          Waterproof tarp

          Bracing specific screws

          Hole saws

          Trash bags

          Plastic “zip ties” various long lengths