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Article in Builder Magazine:

'Real Home Cost' by C. B. Farnsworth

"Trying to sell energy efficiency?  Paul Huddy of Tucson, AZ based Solar Institute says the initial costs - price plus financing over 30 years - are only one-third of the homeownership cost pie.  (Sticker price is a mere sliver at 11 percent of ownership.)  The second third is operating costs (including utilities) and the last third, home maintenance and repair.  Thus, a sticker price of $160,000 equals 30-year ownership costs of $1,440,000!  But pony up $200,000 to buy a more energy-efficient house and operating and maintenance costs tumble by 75 percent.  that brings the 30-year cost down to $840,000 - a savings of $600,000.



Article from the Housing Zone:

Water Management - Control Moisture Problems and You Can Control Mold



Article from the Dallas Morning News: 

Frisco Code Sets a New Standard for Efficiency: City is First to Make Builders Follow EPA Program



Article from the January 2002 issue of  *Energy Design Update*.

"Demystifying the Use of Vapor Barriers" by John Straube

"The most common building science question I get from home builders, engineers, code officials, and architects is, "Do I need a vapor barrier?...." (con't)



Article Located on ConcreteNetwork.com Website:

'Building Energy-Wise Homes with ICF's' by Anne Balough, ConcreteNetwork.com Feature Writer



Article about the Formosan Termite:




Hungry Home Wreckers

Waging War Against the Destructive Formosan Termite




Article Taken from CutterEdge Building, the weekly e-mail service from Cutter Information Corp.

Revolutionary HVAC Design Provides 100% Outdoor Air and Slashes Energy Costs



Article Taken from Buildscape Online Newsletter:

Concrete basics for builders: The essentials to arm you with the information you need to specify the right concrete mix, and how to handle it properly at the job site.



Article Taken from the Housing Zone Daily News Online:

Experimental Homes Nearly Ready for Energy Tests; The Lexington Duplexes Could Forecast the Future of Construction.